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7 Trombones

We have 6 7 Trombones publications

Pederson, Tommy (1920-1998)


Composer : Pederson, Tommy (1920-1998)

Instrumentation : tbn/B. 6tbn.

Publisher Ref : ENS702


Bourgeois, Derek (b.1941)


Composer : Bourgeois, Derek (b.1941)

Instrumentation : tbn/B solo. 4tbn. 2tbn/B.

Publisher Ref : Hafabra536


Bourgeois, Derek (b.1941)

BONE APART Op.312 (score & parts)

Composer : Bourgeois, Derek (b.1941)

Instrumentation : 4tbn. 3tbn/B.

Publisher Ref : Hafabra536


Defaye, Jean-Michel

FLUCTUATIONS (score & parts)

Composer : Defaye, Jean-Michel

Instrumentation : tbn. solo. 4tbn. 2tbn/B. perc.

Publisher Ref : RM10087


Berlioz, Hector

LOVE SCENE from Romeo and Juliet

Composer : Berlioz, Hector

Arranger : Ostrander, Philip

Instrumentation : 6tbn. tbn/B.

Publisher Ref : PM80074


Elgar, Edward (1857-1934)

SLUMBER SCENE from The Wand of Youth...

Composer : Elgar, Edward (1857-1934)

Arranger : Holland

Instrumentation : 7tbn.

Publisher Ref : BMP1018


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