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Abbreviations Guide

fl/ob = flute OR oboe
(pft) = optional piano
fl+picc = one player

acc = accordion
acl = alto clarinet
afl = alto flute
alt = alto voice
amp = amplifier
bar = baritone horn
bari = baritone voice
barob = baritone oboe
bass = bass voice
bc = basso continuo
bcl = bass clarinet (Bb)
bfl = bass flute
bhn = basset horn (F)
bstclt = basset clarinet
bn = bassoon
bob = bass oboe
btpt = bass trumpet
ca = cor anglais/English horn
cacl = contra-alto clarinet (Eb)
cast = castanets
cb = double bass
cbcl = contrabass clarinet (Bb)
cbcl/Eb = contrabass clarinet in Eb
cbn = contrabassoon
cbtba = contrabass tuba
CD = compact disc
cel = celeste
cemb = cembalo
chal = chalumeau
cimb = cimbasso
cl = clarinet in Bb/A
cl/A = clarinet in A
cl/C = clarinet in C
cl/D = clarinet in D
cl/Eb = clarinet in Eb
cl/sopr = sopranino clarinet in Ab
cnt = cornet
cont = continuo
contr = contralto voice
cymb = cymbal
dulc = dulcimer
euph = euphonium
ewi = electronic wind instrument
fl = flute
fl/Eb = flute in Eb
fld'am = flute d'amore
flug = flugelhorn
gamba = viola da gamba
guit = guitar
guit/B = bass guitar
heck = heckelphone
hel = helicon
hn = horn in F
hn/Eb = horn in Eb
hn/nat = natural horn
hp = harp
hpsd = harpsichord
mezzo = mezzo soprano voice
mba = marimba
mus = musette
narr = narrator
obdac = oboe da caccia
obd'am = oboe d'amore
ob = oboe
org = organ
perc = percussion
pft = piano
picc = piccolo
rec = recorder
rec/A = treble recorder
rec/B = bass recorder
rec/S = descant recorder
rec/SS = sopranino recorder
rec/T = tenor recorder
sax = saxophone
sax/A = Eb alto saxophone
sax/B = Eb baritone saxophone
sax/BB = Bb bass saxophone
sax/cb = contrabass saxophone
sax/mel = C melody saxophone
sax/S = Bb soprano saxophone
sax/scb = subcontrabass saxophone
sax/SS = Eb sopranino saxophone
sax/T = Bb tenor saxophone
sop = soprano voice
sous = sousaphone
stgs = strings
subcbfl = subcontrabass flute
tamb = tambourine
tapr = cassette tape
tar = tarogato
tba = tuba
tba/W = Wagner tuba
tbn = trombone
tbn/A = alto trombone
tbn/B = bass trombone
ten = tenor voice
timp = timpani
tpt = trumpet
tpt/C = trumpet in C
tpt/D = trumpet in D
tpt/Eb = trumpet in Eb
picctpt = piccolo trumpet
va = viola
vad'am = viola d'amore
vc = violoncello
vib = vibraphone
vn = violin

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